Unicorns, Dragons, Fraps, Oh My!

What is this new trend?


Last week, the Unicorn Frappuccino was making its round on social media. This week, it seems as though the Dragon Frappuccino is the new, mythological-creature named drink that has people talking.

How did this concoction come to be? It seems to have started as a result of some Starbucks stores running out of ingredients for the Unicorn drink and offering the Dragon instead.

But this begs the question, why are these drinks so popular? What is driving people to line up for a chance to hold the colorful drinks?

One obvious answer might be social media. Put simply- these drinks make a pretty picture and in this digital age where we share visuals of our daily life through various filters, the new Starbucks drinks looks very appealing on one’s timeline. The bright, swirling colors of the Unicorn frappuccino is, no doubt, an exciting thing to behold. But the excitement changes when you actually start to drink it.  Famous for its beautifulness, it quickly became infamous for its taste. Many people complained about the strange mix of sweet and sour, but even armed with that knowledge people still continued to buy the Unicorn Frappuccino. Taste doesn’t matter, after all, if you need just a picture to prove that you, too, have partaken in this new trend.

Image result for dragon frappuccino
Dragon Frappuccino

Perhaps it’s not just the photogenic allure of this frappuccino that has launched it into popularity. Maybe it’s also the element of the fantastic.  It’s not just any drink but a unicorn drink. There is some childlike glee in being able to buy a bit of magic, even if it is the manufactured kind. Condensing a mythological creature into a tangible substance, being able to hold it, even if it is in a liquid form, is a bizarrely cool experience. Some might scoff at the people who are purchasing these drinks, but what’s wrong with wanting something that brings you a little closer to the enchanted?

That said, I would definitely buy a mermaid frappuccino.

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